Different Marquee Styles

If you are looking to make a bold statement at your next big event, perhaps hiring one of our unusual marquees could be the perfect alternative for any up and coming Wedding, Party or Corporate event? It doesn’t matter if you are catering up to over 50 guests in a small back garden or up to over 1000 guests at a wedding venue; any unusual marquee presents a flexible, distinctive and unique look.

Bedouin Marquee

Also regarded as a freeform structure or a freestyle marquee, the Bedouin Marquee presents much more flexibility than any Traditional Marquee and tent because it is completely adaptable in enclosed spaces and can easily be attached to existing structures or other marquees.

With the ability to stretch the fabric into different shapes, you can create an unusual marquee style in a number of different ways. By varying the length and number of poles or attaching parts, the fabric is so versatile that we can stretch the marquee into any shape you can imagine as long as it conforms to regulations. Constructed to last in any weather, all our bedouin marquees come 100% waterproof and have been treated to inhibit fading from UV rays and stains from mold.

Stretch Marquee

Much like the bedouin marquee, the Stretch Marquee follows suite by being completely versatile due to the number of different unusual marquee styles you can construct. With no interior lining needed, a stretch marquee can be perfect for difficult terrain or obstacles by getting into places where other marquee structures simply can’t.

This type of marquee can easily be constructed and erected as a freeform canopy so your guests can enjoy the sunshine. Alternatively, the stretch marquee can also be stretched to the floor to form an unusual marquee shape or you can attach side walls to the structure. With the ability to connect this type of marquee with other marquees or structures, this is the perfect type of marquee to hire if you are looking for an unusual marquee for a wedding reception.

How to hire an unusual marquee

If you are looking for unusual marquee hire in the North West, it’s never been easier to get in touch! Simply head over to the A&M Marquees Contact Page and fill out our marquee hire form so we can meet your desired requirements or alternatively you can call Mark on 01565 633977.

A&M Marquees provide North West Marquee Hire across Cheshire and the surrounding areas including Merseyside, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire.