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Interior Exterior Marquee Lighting

Lighting in an important element of any event, although a marquee event provides a premium venue the lighting element can transform the ambiance. Many of our lighting options are DMX linked so the colour scheme can be altered at the press of a button.

Exterior lighting can be used to highlight structural interest, illuminate choice features such as trees whilst leaving other areas under the shroud of darkness.

Just some of the lighting options that A&M Marquees can provide are the following; Chandelier lighting, Chinese’s lanterns, Pin spot lighting, P-light lighting, Starlight linings, Flood lighting, Festoon lighting, Colour wash lighting, Par cans, Moving heads, Truss lighting, Up-lighting, DMX Linked Up lighting, Laser lighting, Smoke machines, UV Lighting, Mirror balls, Disco lighting, Illuminated bars and Strip lighting

Below is just a small selection of what we offer. Call us on 01565 633 977 for a complete list, or contact us here.

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