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Hire Marquee Table Furniture

A & M Marquees offer the full complement of table sizes, smaller round tables suite more intimate dining and the large round are the preferred option for formal events such as weddings. We also supply furniture for indoor and outdoor events not only marquee events

Coffee Table

Our range of coffee tables is the ideal accompaniment for sofa seating creating added interest for any marquee scale event

Occasional Table

The wicker occasional tables give a home feel to a marquee and are ideal for sitting a plant, flowers or table lamp.

Poser Table

The poser tables provide a sociable perch on their own or can be provided with bar stools, these are particularly useful around dance floors to give a cabaret feel or in reception areas when combining with standing guests.

Console Table

The console tables provide a similar style of seating to the poser tables with the ability to accommodate up to 10 guests at bar stools, these are particularly in vogue.

Below is just a small selection of table sizes we offer Coffee tables, Occasional tables, Poser tables, Console tables. Call us on 01565 633 977 for a complete list, or contact us here.

  • 3ft round
  • 4ft round
  • 5ft round
  • 5ft 6” round
  • 6ft round
  • 4ft trestle
  • 6ft trestle



Bar Marquee Furniture Accessories

Illuminated Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel bar provides great function and style, as it is curved we find it works well in a corner, along a wall or as a complete circular bar in the centre of a marquee or room if there is sufficient space.

There is plenty of room for storage behind the bar, it locks together to provide a stable platform, we can incorporate a sink and ice well and pumps can be attached.

The bar is illuminated with RGB, DMX linked LED lights so the client can change the colour of the bar at the press of a button or have the bar fading through all the colours in a continuous loop. This bar will not only provide the function of somewhere to serve drinks but an enhancement to any event.

Wood Top

The wood top bar provides a more basic facility whilst still aesthetically appealing, this can be dressed in a variety of different styles with, white, ivory or black pleated front or fake grass.

For more information on the bar furniture that we can provide, please visit our Bar Furniture selection.

Below is just a small selection of what we offer. Call us on 01565 633 977 for a complete list, or contact us here.

Sofa Seating

Hire Marquee Sofa Seating Furniture

Our soft sofa seating not only provides comfortable seating but also softens the look of the more formal seating that is required for dining. A few choice items add a level of sophistication to any event.

Luxurious, comfortable seating options that A&M Marquee’s can provide include White Leather Magna Single Sofa, White Leather Double Sofa, Black Leather Magna Single Sofa, Black Leather Double Sofa, Ascot Ratten Sofas and Barbados Ascot Ratten Sofas are just a small selection to choose from.

For more information on our range of Sofa Furniture that we can provide for your event, please visit our Sofa Furniture selection.

Below is just a small selection of what we offer. Call us on 01565 633 977 for a complete list, or contact us here.

If you would like more information or wish to preview any of our A&M Marquee sofa seating options, please don’t hesitate to click on any of the following styles; White Single Leather Seating, White Double Leather Seating, Black Single Leather Seating, Black Double Leather Magna Sofa Seating, Ascot Rattan Sofa, Barbados Ascot Sofa

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