Cassette flooring is the premium option that allows a site to be levelled, the marquee is built on a sub structure that allows undulations or minor incline to be removed.

Boarded flooring is an interlocking flooring system where boards are laid to ground conditions, the flooring can be packed to take out lumps and bumps but will follow the general lay of the land.

Rola Trac is a plastic flooring that requires a relatively smooth surface, this is particularly useful in catering areas where spillages may occur as it has a textured surface providing a degree of non-slip. Rola Trac is also useful to create walkways linking marquees to toilets, other structures and to accommodate people in high heels crossing grass from drop off points to a marquee.

Dandy dura matting is a floor covering that is gaining in popularity as it is a reusable product making it the best environmental option whilst provide a rustic look, the matting can be laid directly onto the grass, with an additional waterproof membrane or on top of a solid boarded floor.

Advantages are: Nonslip, Fire retardant, Suitable for creating paths and walkways, Cost effective, Stain resistant & Rustic aesthetic.


Offering over 30 different colours to choose from, this is just a small selection of our standard range of carpet colours although we also offer a premium range that has a more domestic texture.

We will also do our best to colour match a chosen colour to match your special event if it is not part of our standard range.

In most cases flooring will require a carpet covering which are available in a range of 40 colours. Lighter colours are available with a protective film that is removed prior to the event. 


There are six different dance floors on offer: Wood Parquet, Black and White, Plain White, Plain Black, Black with LED Lights and White with LED Lights.

Wood parquet is one of our most popular choices and is particularly suited to the softer country wedding style. Black and white is also one of our most popular options that offers a slicker look and is also popular under starlight linings.

Plain black or plain white has recently gained in popularity to offer an alternative. Black and white with star lights dance floors are our premium choice that add glamour to any event.