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Stretch Marquee hire is perfect for any party

Stretch Marquee hire is perfect for any party

Are you thinking of planning a special birthday party or perhaps a sophisticated drinks party for a small number of guests? Well why not consider Stretch Marquee Hire provided by A&M Marquees, so you can add a little more uniqueness and class to your special occasion.

Why choose a stretch marquee for your party?

With the ability to stretch the fabric into a number of different shapes, our Stretch Marquees are available to hire in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and because of the free-form structure, they can work with any set-up that you have in mind.

Our team can construct and erected our stretch marquees in numerous private venues such as a small garden, or overlooking a swimming pool, to accommodate any number of guests. We can also assemble multiple marquees at commercial venues so if you are hosting a party, a stretch marquee can be the perfect choice to create an outside space or a welcome entrance for all your guests.

A&M Marquees provide stretch marquee hire across the calendar year and have many solutions to accommodate most the weather conditions. In a warmer climate, we can stretch the fabric to the ground which is also known as a canopy marquee. By presenting a free-flowing space, your guests are also protected from any unexpected wind or rain. In the colder months, we can assemble side walls and can attach to other marquees or permanent venues.

Stretch Marquee for your party is perfect for

  • Extending space at an existing venue
  • Provide an alternative or breakaway room for guests
  • Can be constructed on any private or public property (subject to relevant permissions)
  • Can be attached to other marquees and properties

If you are planning a relaxed Christmas party, garden party or perhaps looking to create an extended space for a larger scale event, please contact A&M Marquees to find out more about Stretch Marquee hire across the North West. Please call Mark on 01565 633977 or simply fill out our free, no-obligation contact form.

A&M Marquees provide stretch marquee hire along with furniture hire services across the North West and surrounding Cheshire area including Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Merseyside.

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