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Different types of Stretch Marquee for hire

Different types of Stretch Marquee for hire

Canopy Stretch Marquee

The canopy stretch marquee originates from the stretch marquee family as a mixture of the traditional and modern eurica marquee styles. Also referred as a small canopy tent or a stretch marquee without sidewalls, the canopy stretch marquee is favourable in warmer and dryer conditions. The material used is completely weather resistant so will protect and present limited shade for your guests.

With the ability to stretch the fabric in all shapes and sizes to the ground, the stretch canopy marquee can be an extension as an entrance or a doorway to any existing building or even as a connection to an even larger scale canopy. The canopy can also be erected in any small difficult space such as a swimming pool or a rooftop, meaning the possibilities are endless.

Canopy Stretch Marquee Hire is perfect for;

  • Birthday, Anniversary or any other excuse to throw a small party
  • Tight or unusual locations
  • Entrance for a wedding venue

Freeform Stretch Marquee

Regarded as an alternative to the pagoda marquee, freeform stretch marquee hire has become increasingly popular for branding, product launches and corporate events. Incredibly strong and 100% waterproof, the stretch material can create customized shapes that can have side walls attached to provide the complete tone.

Available on both a small and large scale, the freeform stretch marquee presents the perfect opportunity to brand the marquee which provides both the owners and sponsors the benefit of outdoor protection and brand exposure.

Freeform Stretch Marquee hire is perfect for;

  • New Product Launch
  • Promotion Branding
  • Small or Large scale corporate events

Freestyle Stretch Marquee

The freestyle stretch marquee is the most adaptable of all stretch marquees due to their ability to adapt and stretch into almost any shape imaginable. Available to hire on both a small or large scale, the freestyle stretch marquee creates a contemporary and stylish venue that can be easily tailored to your requirements.

Due to the size and volume, the freestyle stretch marquee is perfect to hire to make any celebration an occasion that you truly will remember. Due to the accessibility of this marquee, you can also hire a range of furniture accessories such as sofas, chairs, dance floors and external light fixtures.

Freestyle Stretch Marquee hire is perfect for;

  • Seating more than 250 guests
  • Outdoor wedding reception
  • Party Celebration with a ‘Nightclub’ environment

If you would like to discuss stretch marquee hire for any type of occasion across the Northwest and surrounding areas including Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Lancashire and Merseyside we would love to hear from you.

Contact A&M Marquees for free advice or for a free, no-obligation quote on all stretch marquee and furniture marquee hire on 01565 633977 or alternatively fill out our free online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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